PIC physician business transitioning to another carrier

August 15, 2019

To our PIC policyholders:

Earlier this month, you were notified that Curi — an AM Best A-rated MPL carrier — has purchased the right to renew your MPL policy for another term. This means that when you renew your coverage, you will no longer be insured with PIC, but will instead have the option to be insured under a Curi policy. 

Before the end of your current term, you will receive an offer of coverage from Curi with instructions of how to accept the provided offer. 

For more information or to discuss coverage options, please contact Sean Coughlin at sean-coughlin@tmlt.org or at 512-425-5893 or Patrick Ellis at patrick-ellis@tmlt.org or at 512-425-5927.


To make a payment on your PIC policy between now and the end of your policy term, please call 800-580-8658 ext. 8619.

Payments can also be sent to:

PIC Payments
PO Box 160140
Austin, Texas  78716


The transition to Curi will not affect the management of any current, open claims. PIC will continue to defend policyholders through the resolution of their cases.

Likewise, any claims that arise between now and the issuance of your new policy with Curi should be reported to PIC.

If you have received a notice of claim, a lawsuit, or a demand for compensation, you should:

  1. Report the claim to PIC by calling 800-580-8658. Please allow about 20 minutes for the report and have whatever notice you received available for reference. It may also be helpful to have the patient’s medical record available.
  2. Fax to 512-328-8067 or send by overnight mail a copy of the notice of claim letter or the lawsuit. Do not fax your medical records. Note that if you are served with a lawsuit, your PIC policy requires as a condition of coverage that all such lawsuit papers be delivered within five days of service or receipt of the lawsuit papers, and that you must obtain a delivery receipt.  

Gather a complete and unaltered copy of all pertinent medical records, including a copy of the hospital chart and any prior or subsequent treatment records. Mail a copy of these records as soon as possible.

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