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Cyber risk self-assessment

  Yes No
📱If you store any data on mobile devices or if the devices can be used to access your network, are all mobile devices encrypted?    
📄Do you gather or store any data on a physical medium, such as paper?    
📁 Do you provide data to any third party for storage or to perform a process or business function with it?    
💻 Does any third party have access to your data or systems either electronically or physically?    
💰Do you provide technology or telecommunication services to others for a fee?    
👤 Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, or other social media account?    
👥 Do any of your employees post on social media platforms?    
📉 If you have a website, do you gather data on it or provide any services through it?    
📈 Are you dependent upon the internet on your computer system to generate revenue?    
💳 Do you accept credit/debit cards for payment of goods or services (even if you never store or process the data?    

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, a data breach could result in first and/or third party financial loss to your organization.