Practice Review

TMLT’s Risk Management Department conducts on-site practice reviews to help determine risk exposures in your practice. Reviews can be conducted without disrupting patient appointments or normal business operations.

Because we offer practice reviews as an unbundled service, you don’t have to be a TMLT policyholder to receive this service.

During a scheduled practice review, a TMLT risk management professional visits your practice to:

  • tour and assess the practice for patient safety concerns;
  • review medical records for strengths and weaknesses;
  • review policies and procedures;
  • meet with physicians to discuss findings; and
  • prepare a recommendation report.

Due to the popularity of this service, practice reviews are scheduled approximately 90 days from the date of request.

TMLT policyholders who complete a practice review may earn a 5% premium discount after review recommendations are met. This discount continues through the expiration of the current policy plus an additional two full policy periods.

Request a practice review.