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Cyber Consulting Services

Protection from online threats

Data breach threats are on the rise and can be potentially devastating to your practice and your patients. TMLT offers fee-based services to help you minimize cyber threats, including violations of medical privacy and security laws. Here’s a look at our cyber risk management services.

Contact a cyber expert

If a cyber issue arises, call us at 800-580-8658 during business hours for a confidential consultation. You can also email cyber consulting services.

Risk assessment

TMLT cyber risk management experts will work with your organization to determine your risk for data breaches related to medical privacy and data, and to identify threats and vulnerabilities. The assessment can help you comply with HIPAA, HITECH, and Texas medical privacy and security laws. Our team can also provide you with resources to help you address these risks.

Cyber attorneys recommend that you conduct a risk assessment every one to two years, preferably by a third party.

There is a fee for the cyber risk assessment, as it involves an in-depth evaluation of your organization's HIPAA compliance, including but not limited to data access, applications, and network.

HIPAA training

Our cyber risk professionals can train your staff in maintaining compliance with federal and state medical privacy and security laws and in cyber security best practices. Request staff training. 

TMLT has partnered with CyberCompass to offer affordable, web-based training for medical offices.


On-demand and live webinars available here.

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