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Learn about our exclusive rewards and dividends


Our dividend program returns a portion of paid premium back to policyholders. Since 2005, TMLT policyholders have received approximately $377 million in dividends.

Dividends are based on expiring premium and are applied to the renewal premium the year after they are declared. The dividend amount for policies renewing in 2024 is 10 percent.

Trust Rewards 

Trust Rewards is a financial reward program for TMLT policyholders who demonstrate loyalty and a commitment to quality medicine. Allocations to the program now total $245 million.

Under the program, funds are set aside annually for eligible policyholders in their Trust Rewards accounts. The funds accumulate and are distributed at the time of a qualifying event.

  • Funds are distributed upon retirement after age 50 and 3 years of coverage with TMLT; upon death; or upon a qualifying disability.
  • In all other cases — including non-renewal of the coverage by TMLT — the funds will be forfeited.
  • Payout is in the form of a lump sum.
  • The TMLT Board of Trustees declares contributions annually.
  • All contributions are tax-deferred and statements are available to enrolled physicians through myPortal.

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