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Risk management help

The help you need from our risk management experts

Medical liability lawsuits are rarely the result of one error, but rather a cascade or system of factors that lead to multiple errors. Additionally, patients often cite interpersonal aspects of care, such as poor communication or feeling rushed, as central to their decision to initiate a lawsuit. Having an understanding of these factors may help you avoid litigation — or a medical board action — and enhance patient safety.

TMLT provides a comprehensive, customized approach to help you reduce risk.

Phone and email consultations

If a risk management issue arises, call us at 800-580-8658 during business hours for a free, confidential consultation. You can also email the risk management department at

Whether you need an answer to a simple question, or are looking for resources to help you with a complicated issue, our team will provide answers, advice, and peace of mind.

Practice reviews

Our Risk Management Department conducts practice reviews to determine risk exposures in your practice. Reviews are free to all policyholders and can be completed without disrupting your patient appointments or business operations.

During a practice review, a TMLT risk management professional will:

  • conduct a medical record review and practice evaluation;
  • meet with physicians and staff to discuss findings;
  • offer customized, specialty-specific recommendations.

Request a practice review.

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