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About TMLT

Partnership for a new era of medicine

At TMLT, we know what really matters to you. We know that seeing patients and providing excellent care is your primary goal. The good news is that TMLT is here for you. We’re working hard to find new ways to support you, so you can practice without unnecessary burdens or red tape.

Whether it’s fighting for you at the state capitol, keeping you informed on the latest cyber security issues, or protecting you with the best medical malpractice coverage available.

In 1979, the Texas Medical Association established TMLT to provide affordable, reliable medical malpractice coverage for Texas physicians. TMLT is not an insurance company, but a self-insured trust led by a Board of Trustees who are elected by policyholders. Members of the Board of Trustees are physicians who draw on their own experience in medical practice to help guide operations.

Today, TMLT has more than 20,000 policyholders  and covers more physicians in Texas than many of our competitors combined. We provide the best protection and benefits to our policyholders, including a strong claim defense, customized risk management, and enhanced policy features.

Rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company.

Diversity is our strength

At TMLT, we believe that our company is strong because of its diversity. Each member of our policyholder community, governing board, and staff brings his or her own unique background, race, nationality, gender, religion, sexual orientation, education, and experience to the work of our company. As a trust, TMLT comprises more than 20,000 physicians dedicated to the preservation and protection of human life.

We believe diversity makes us stronger — as a medical community, as a company, and as a society. After all, to embrace diversity is to embrace understanding, empathy, perspective, and our deeper humanity. To do this creates better healers, better parents, better teachers, and better friends.

Fostering equality in our communities is a very real, ongoing struggle. TMLT strives to be part of the solution. We are committed to antiracism and to seeking greater diversity on our board, in our staff, and with our policyholders. We are also committed to actively dismantling any discriminatory behaviors, biases, or policies in our company.

We do this because it better represents our mission, strengthens our decisions for the future, and supports all people, without prejudice or discrimination.



Through Lone Star Alliance, RRG, we offer medical liability coverage to physicians outside of Texas.  

Lone Star Alliance is a risk retention group and an affiliated company of TMLT. It offers medical liability and similar types of insurance to physicians, groups, health care facilities, and allied health professionals in multiple states.

Lone Star offers TMLT-level coverage and service to practices outside of Texas or to TMLT policyholders who leave Texas to work in another state.