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TMLT has a long-standing record of advocating for physicians and the medical community. 

We played a pivotal role in passing tort reform legislation in 2003, and we encourage continued tort reform efforts based on the Texas model. We also partner with advocacy groups and organized medicine including Texas Alliance for Patient Access, Texas Medical Association, American Medical Association, the Health Coalition of Liability and Access (HCLA), specialty societies, county medical societies, and other stakeholders. We value these relationships and recognize that by working together, we can expand access to quality health care for all.

We also continue to work with various government agencies, seeking to refine or reform rules and regulations and ensure due process protections for health care professionals. We also follow pending court cases and will file “friend of the court” briefs if we identify developing case law that may negatively affect the medical community.

It is our core belief that TMLT should take an active role in developing and maintaining a healthy legal and regulatory environment that benefits all health care professionals and patients.