Liability protection for a new era of medicine

March 15, 2019
  • TMLT provides 10% additional dividend in response to COVID-19 crisis
  • TMLT extends customer service hours, adjusts premium payments during COVID-19 crisis
  • TMB issues guidance on relaxed restrictions for elective procedures
  • TMLT offers malpractice insurance at no cost to retired physicians who volunteer during the COVID-19 crisis

TMLT is now offering extended business hours, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. After 8 p.m., callers with urgent issues can follow telephone prompts to report a claim, report a non-claim-related issue, or ask questions.

We are extending our hours to support physicians during the COVID-19 crisis. We will maintain these new hours until further notice.

Visit our Contact page to reach the specific department you need. Or call customer service at 800-580-8658 or 512-425-5800.


We offer the following coverage types: claims made policy; occurrence policy; per patient policy; Medefense; cyber liability; employment practices liability insurance (EPLI); medical director; Moonlighting; tail coverage; prior acts coverage; premises liability; and locum tenens.

  • Policies are available at a variety of limits for physicians and health care organizations. No matter what your specialty, practice type, or location, we can customize our medical liability insurance to protect you. Get a quote.

Our physician board and in-house risk management, claim, and underwriting staff work together to serve and support policyholders. Because we are a Trust, our model is designed to reward policyholders, not stockholders.

  • We give back to our policyholders through discounts, rate reductions, dividends, and our Trust Rewards program.
  • We helped achieve tort reform in Texas in 2003, which resulted in premium savings, reduced litigation, more physicians in Texas, and increased patient safety.
  • Our advocacy has not stopped with the passage of tort reform. We continue to fight for physicians, helping relieve the burden of legislative and regulatory compliance issues.

When physicians join TMLT, they gain a partner — a partner who shares their commitment to practicing safe medicine. We provide a customized approach and a team of risk management professionals to help mitigate risk. Our risk management services include CME courses, on-site practice reviews, and telephone and email consultations.

  • CME course options include home-study programs, online courses, video courses, seminars, and workshops.
  • During a practice review, a risk management professional visits the practice to determine risk exposures. These reviews are free to all policyholders and can be completed without disrupting patient appointments.
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