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Employment practices liability insurance

Coverage for employment-related claims

EPLI is included with all TMLT policies and provides coverage for alleged wrongful employment acts, such as :

  • violation of any federal, state, local, or common law prohibiting any kind of employment-related discrimination;
  • harassment, abusive or hostile work environment;
  • wrongful discharge or termination of employment; 
  • decisions that violate public policy or the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or similar state or local law;
  • discrimination (including harassment) or civil rights violation against any non-employee, such as a patient or nurse employed by the hospital;
  • misuse of social media, workplace bullying, and improper use of background checks;
  • violation of any immigration practices law;
  • theft of an employee’s personally identifiable information; and
  • expense reimbursement for an employment advisor related to an acquisition; layoff/termination of 20% or more of the workforce; public announcement of harassment by an executive office; or notification that a public interest group is investigating the practice for violations of state or federal employment law. Coverage amount is $5,000.

EPLI coverage is limited to claims brought against you by or on behalf of an employee, a former employee, or by an applicant for employment. EPLI includes EEOC complaint hearings.

Available limits

  • $75,000 per claim (including both defense and indemnity payments)
  • The yearly aggregate limit is also $75,000.

Higher limits are available upon request.

  • There is a $5,000 deductible per insured event.
  • 75-day reporting period

Additional resources — EPLI Pro

TMLT policyholders also have access information on employment and HR issues with the online EPLI Pro resource. EPLI Pro includes webinars, training materials, step-by-step procedures for HR tasks, including how to create staff handbooks and policies and procedures.